kitty bookA little movie called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” just opened. Nope, I never heard of it either. But here are the top Kindle-related Star Wars moments.

The perfect venue for a wedding-a book store!

I think every country should celebrate this for Christmas, not just Iceland.

Some non-fiction books you might want to read; I know the Ruth Bader Ginsburg book is on my book-it list.

Children’s book authors reveal the books they loved as kids.

Are you an author and need some advice on building your website? Here are some tips.

Meaty author, and all-around cool girl, Samantha Irby’s very own reading list. Thanks for the suggestions Ms. Irby!

Ariel and Matthew read bad books so you don’t have to. Thanks, kids!

More books for my book-it list courtesy of Bust.

Good old Bill Shakespeare gears up to be 2016 “It Boy.”