Book Marks

  1. Laundromat libraries in Milwaukee. 
  2. Check’em out: Shelf Unbound Magazine.
  3. Mark Ruffalo gives us the “story behind the story” when it comes to his latest release.
  4. Twitter’s #DVpit creates a place for diversity in publishing.
  5. The Nobel Prize for Literature goes to two controversial writers.
  6. Children’s book author kills family and himself.
  7. Wham’s Andrew Ridgeley pays tribute to the late George Michael in his new book.
  8. Slate wonders who are feminist baby books for?
  9. Fifteen books marriage therapists suggest to their married clients.
  10. These are the women have have won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  11. The Book Prize goes to Margaret Atwood and Bernadine Evaristo.
  12. Hatchette Book Group (HBG) launches HPGo.

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Book Marks

  1. Good books for children and young adults equals lifelong readers.
  2. The top 50 scary books for kids.
  3. New books to read during Hispanic Heritage Month.
  4. Grammar rules according to Writer’s Digest.
  5. How Shonda Rhimes and her TV show Scandal inspired one romance novelist.
  6. Australian author Faye Hall’s latest Envy and Favor-Sins of the Virtuous has been released.*
  7. Trump recommends books but does he actually read them?
  8. Two books written by climate change activist Greta Thunberg to be released in the United States.
  9. Author Jenny Lawson to open Nowhere Bookshop in San Antonio.
  10. One creative and colorful way to read more books.

*I interviewed Ms. Hall last year.



Book Marks

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  1. Bust interviews author Pam Grossman on her book Waking the Witch.
  2. How one high school teacher is defending Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.
  3.  Eighteen books watch for this October.
  4. Six books on the importance of journalism.
  5. What the whistle blower could teach Robert Mueller about writing.
  6. Christine Pelosi’s book on her about her mother Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. 
  7. A fun look at the late Carrie Fisher’s house parties.
  8. Dolly Parton signs book deal with indie publisher.
  9. Girl Scout troop builds little library for the homeless.
  10. NPR interviews Tegan and Sarah about their record and memoir High School.

Book Marks

1. Oprah’s pick is The Water Dancer by Ta Nehesi Coates.

2. Books that helped one writer to understand her introversion.

3. Harry Potter, poorly read exorcists, and why banning books is useless.

4. Here are some of the most challenged books in the United States.

5. Librarians battle censorship.

6. On the heels of her memoir Chanel Miller releases a short film about the aftermath of Brock Turner trial.

7. Why are so few female stars writing novels?

8. New PEN American Report on defying prison book bans.

9. Four authors on why they love libraries.

10. Naomi Klein on her book on the climate crisis and the new green deal.

Book Marks

  1. Malcolm Gladwell’s take on podcasting and his latest book.
  2. Stephen King is freaked out how much Trump’s border policy mirrors his new novel.
  3. Libraries are pissed at publishers’ E-books and are ready for battle.
  4. Jodi Kantor and Amy Twohy discuss their timely book She Said.
  5. The book on late musical genius Prince.
  6. Five YA books on mental health issues.
  7. 13 books feminists should read right now.
  8. Writer’s Digest on how to write a picture book.
  9. Michael Winship begs Trump to read some books.
  10. A baker’s dozen of questions that should be asked at every book discussion group.

Book Marks

  1. 15 essential Toni Morrison reads.
  2. Oprah’s 80 book recommendations over the years.
  3. 35 books that teach children kindness and empathy.
  4. Bust interviews astrologer/author Annabel Gat
  5. An interview with Marvel author Saladin Ahmed.
  6. Why we are scared of surprise endings.
  7. There was a time when the public feared books from the library could spread disease.
  8. Emmy nominated series inspired by 26 books you have to read this fall.
  9. The best 22 books on rock and roll.
  10. How to raise a child who will read according to a New York Times Book editor.

Book Marks

  1. Jimmy Fallon wants your vote for “The Tonight Show” Summer Read.
  2. Indian women are tapping into the power of writing memoirs
  3. Libraries are cooler than you thought!
  4. Yes, it is possible to jump from one genre as a writer to another.
  5. The “Nickel and Dimed” life in the age of Amazon.
  6. Why YA novels about royalty are huge best-sellers.
  7. Printable color sheets showcasing amazing women and girl power!
  8. How two sisters are sharing their love of bedtime stories via social media.
  9. Libraries are drawing the line when it comes to digital books.
  10. Milwaukee’s most mispronounced words.