Writer’s Block With a Dash of Brag Book

Little_Miss_BusyHello  my faithful readers. This is my 50th post at The Book Self Blog. Wow! I’ve been at this for over six months now, and I’m pleased with my progress and it’s great I’m gaining followers and likes.

Of course, I can’t rest on my laurels. Thank goodness I have been doing a lot of reading so look for more book reviews. I should have a book review for a memoir I just finished posted later this week. And I also plan to write and post reviews for a novel and a book of essays. And I’m revisiting a book I read ages ago for a retro review. Furthermore, I will post my first “Reading to Reels” feature within the next two weeks.

And of course, I’m always on the prowl for new books to read and review. If you have any suggestions leave a comment or drop me a line at thebookself@yahoo.com. I look forward to your suggestions. Just so you know, I usually get the books I review from my local library so I can save some money. Hopefully, your suggestions will be on my library shelves.