Brag Book

bragI sent a link of my review of Robert Kelsey’s book The Outside Edge and he loved it. Here is the e-mail he sent me:

Hi Jennifer,

This is an amazing review and I’m really pleased you like the book – thank you so much! Of the four books I’ve written I’ve found this one the strangest in terms of people’s reactions. It’s not resonated with reviewers that well (insiders I assume) and not sold as widely as the others. Yet it’s generated more responses like yours than any of the previous books. Many people have been put off by the premise – and the fact a white, heterosexual, middle-class, male could be an outsider (without seeing that that’s the point – it’s not about vertical divides such as gender/race). Yet those that have found resonance have found a deep affinity with their own (often contradictory and confused) feelings. So we are perhaps a more select group than I realised – although we’re most definitely “select”.  

Thanks again and warmest regards,

ps: quick question – as you ‘re in the States, how did you come across the book? I wasn’t aware of a US release. 

The lovely Mr. Kelsey also provided a link to my review via the book’s Facebook page. Yay, me!!!!

Book Marks

Fart the Messenger BoyI’m currently working on a couple of book reviews, and I hope to have one of them up shortly. In the mean time please enjoy some news and gossip about books, writers and readers.

Pop Sugar reminds us to read the books before the film adaptions show up at our local movie theaters.

BJ Novak, who you probably remember as Ryan the Temp from “The Office” has a trailer to his upcoming book, One More Thing. And it features (spoiler alert) Mindy Kaling, yep, Kelly Kapoor!

Laura Miller from asks, “Can you make kids like books?”

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Sony Pictures has bought the film rights to Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. Flavorwire offers some hypothetical film plots for the COO of Facebook’s non-fictional, advice-giving tome.