Books Marks: Let’s Celebrate National Library Week

libraries“To me, getting my library card as a child meant more to me than getting my driver’s license as a teenager. Sure, with my driver’s license I could go to my high school, the mall, and yes, the library. But with my library card I could go everywhere.”
– Bookish Jen

The American Library Association is using National Library Week to tell us our “Libraries Transform.”

Blogger describes how being a bartender and being a librarian are quite similar.

Celebrate library workers this April 12th!

If Librarians Were Honest.

Podcasts and staff picks from the New York Public Library.

Wonderful children’s books about libraries and librarians.

The most beautiful libraries in the world according to Travel + Leisure magazine.

Wonderful quotes about libraries and librarians.

Author Neil Gaiman discusses why libraries are vital to our future.

Ann Waldman’s “Ode to a Library Card.”



Book Marks

Library Malawian

Ten sexy reads! Nope, 50 Shades of Grey is not one of them.

Remember when Oprah tore James Frey a new one?

Need to escape the day to day? Here are some books to help you!

Homeless man’s life changes immensely once he offers to review books to people rather than begging for money.

Dorothy Parker was before her time!

Privileged mommy blogger writes patronizing post about the poor. Linda Tirado should kick her ass.

Reading can  relieve stress!

Nobody told author Neil Gaiman what to read, including his mom and dad.

VIDEO! Comforting I’m not the only one who has nearly walked into traffic while engrossed in a book.

Are college students the new book banners?