Book Review: Nina’s Memento Mori by Mathias B. Freese


I have no doubt my much appreciated readers remember the name Mathias B. Freese. I reviewed his memoir When I’m Alone.

Mr.Freese is back with another memoir, this time about his relationship with his late second wife, Nina. This memoir is called Nina’s Memento Mori.

Two lovebirds in their.golden years, Mathias and Nina meet in a very modern  They bond over troubled childhoods, failedrelationships, heartbreak, shared interests, and so on. But they connected the way that knows no age-true blue love.

One way Mathias and Nina bonded was through a shared love of movies. Freese uses various film terms like fade-in, dissolve, close-up, and director’s cut. And Nina’s Memento Mori is divided into five parts:

  1. Ticket, please
  2. Four Takes
  3. Intermission: Tesserae
  4. Cutting Room
  5. Coda

As a movie fan-especially of the classics-I loved this clever touch.

Throughout Nina’s Memento Mori are photographs. Some are of Nina as a little girl with blonde curls, wearing pinafores and smiling in a way that belies here problematic homelife. And then there are photos of Nina as young woman, slender and, gamine. Her face is both stoic and lovely, determined to overcome her past as only she can. She has a beauty no longer welcomed in an age of plastic Instagram models and reality show manneqins.

Freese writes in a style that is sensitive and compelling, but never maudlin and self-pitying. He writes so vividly of Nina and their marriage that I can’t help but see this book  in cinematic form. Who should play Nina? Then again perhaps Nina Memento Mori is best served not touched by celluloid. I am satisfied to see Nina in my mind’s eye.

Hello My Lovely Readers and Hopefully Advisors

It’s no secret a new year is a time of resolutions. As we embark on not just a new year but a new decade I want 2020 to be a time of renewal.

One act of renewal I want to do in 2020 is find a new job. And that’s where all of you come in.

If any of you can offer any job searching tips and/or opportunities I’d greatly appreciate it.

You know me primarily as an internationally recognized book critic, publicist, and interviewer. But my writing experience includesj journalism, copywriting, and tech writing.

I’ve written about arts and culture, activism, entrepreneurship, science and technology, green issues, religion, community events, religion, health and wellness, fashion, crafting, and education.

I’ve also worked as an editor-in-chief, contributing editor, researcher, and marketer.

Beyond the world of words I have managed employees, taught and tutored both adults and children, and worked in customer service/retail.

I have advised and counseled adults with mental health issues. I also design jewelry and fashion accessories.

I am open to working for either for profit and non-profit organizations in the greater Milwaukee area.

Any advice? Please leave me a comment or email me at

Thank you in advance.

Writer’s Block

Happy New Year to all my readers. After a holiday break I feel refreshed and you’ll see some increased activity at the Book Self. I’m halfway through a book and hope to have a review up shortly.

I have a long list of books to read and review. Authors from all over the world are contacting me about reading and reviewing their books. It’s such an honor.

2019 was an incredibly difficult year, and not just for me.  Let’s visualize 2020 to be a year of healing, kindness, compassion, sensitivity, giving, empathy, peace, creativity, healing and courage. Together we are strong. Goodness in action is greater than evil.