Book Marks

bookmarks obamaMeet Jessica Hopper, music critic, supporter of women writers, bad-ass feminist, and all-around cool chick.

Here is the book cover for Mindy Kaling’s latest tome, Why Not Me.

Please get this smart and delightful young gentleman a book deal!

Have you ever wondered what the coolest words are in the English language? The website has the answer.

I am just dotty about office supply and stationery stories; this article explains why people like me are drawn to places that sell pens, notebooks, highlighters and other assorted items that take up residence at our desks.

Book Marks

Fart the Messenger BoyI’m currently working on a couple of book reviews, and I hope to have one of them up shortly. In the mean time please enjoy some news and gossip about books, writers and readers.

Pop Sugar reminds us to read the books before the film adaptions show up at our local movie theaters.

BJ Novak, who you probably remember as Ryan the Temp from “The Office” has a trailer to his upcoming book, One More Thing. And it features (spoiler alert) Mindy Kaling, yep, Kelly Kapoor!

Laura Miller from asks, “Can you make kids like books?”

Want to write? Successful writers offer some great tips.

Sony Pictures has bought the film rights to Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. Flavorwire offers some hypothetical film plots for the COO of Facebook’s non-fictional, advice-giving tome.