Book Marks

1. Playwright, poet, and novelist Ntzoke Shange dead at 70.

2. Viv Albertine is back with another memoir To Throw Away Unopened.

3. It’s Halloween! The perfect time to read these witchy books.

4. Red-pilling, misogyny and how they affect classic books.

5. How anti-tax zealots affected libraries and how residents responded.

6. Here are some tips on organizing your home library.

7. Not everybody loves To Kill a Mockingbird.

8. Horror books that tickle the funny bone.

9. Why are fiction sales dropping?

10. How to combine the real and unreal when writing horror fiction.




Book Marks


1. Todd Bol, creator of the Little Free Library dies at the age of 62.

2. Jane Austen, fairytales, and feminism.

3. The controversial YA novel in the age of Kavanaugh.

4. Tina Turner in her latest memoir (her first memoir I, Tina is a must read).

5. Barbara Ehrenreich on the fight for a living wage.

6. How to be a rare book collector.

7. Publisher’s Weekly announces the winner of the 2018 Man Book Prize.

8. Twelve authors on their favorite libraries.

9. The psychology of bad rough drafts and five tips on how to help them make sense.

10. Steven Hawkins final book claims “There is no God!”

Off the Books: My Handmade Bijoux

As many of you know crafting is a passion of mine and I design jewelry. I get a lot of compliments and positive feedback on my handcrafted wares and now people are encouraging me to start a little business selling my jewelry. I organized my jewelry, attached some blank tags and a branding consultant is going to advise me on pricing my work and other marketing issues.IMG_20181015_171920