Brag Book (and Not Just About Me)

you_go_girl_lady_bug-3124a6d95dd49bbba34dec6fbf667096I’ve been keeping up with the lovely Rosie Blythe, author of The Princess Guide to Life, via Faceboook, and she just loved my review. Well, I just love her book and I hope she and The Princess Guide to Life are huge successes.

Now I have to brag about someone else. Dasha Kelly is a Milwaukee-based writer, spoken word artist, teacher and activist. She is at the helm of Still Waters Collective, an organization that mentors “language artists” to fulfill their greatest potential as both writers and speakers. A few years ago I was able to cover a poetry slam Still Waters hosted for high school students for Third Coast Digest (now called Urban Milwaukee Dial), and it was truly one of the most memorable moments in my writing life. Here is a link to my article.

Now Ms. Kelly has a new novel out, and I am so proud of her I could just plotz! Her novel Almost Crimson has just been released and to rave reviews. And Almost Crimson has definitely been added to my very lengthy reading list. Brava, Dasha Kelly, brava! You are an inspiration and a gift to all lovers of the written word.

almost crimson_