Book Review: How to Fall in Love With a Man Who Lives in Bush a by Emmy Abrahamson (Translated by Nichola Smalley)


I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But let’s face it – an intriguing title can really make you think to yourself…

“I must read this!”

This leads me to my latest book review How to Fall in Love With a Man Who Lives in a Bush written by Swedish author Emmy Abrahamson. With a title like that I know I had to read this novel.

How to Fall in Love With a Man Who Lives in a Bush is a fictionalized account of Abrahamson’s early days with her now husband, and it is one hell of a love story, and chick lit for those usually not a fan of standard chick lit.

Meet Julia, a Swedish woman on the verge of turning 30. She’s currently living in Austria teaching a Berlitz course in English as a second language, dealing with a lot of students who challenge her patience with every lesson.

In her free time, she “Netflixes and chills” and comes up with ideas for novels she’d love to write. Unfortunately, these novels have already been written, like The Shining by Stephen King and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte to name a couple.

With a near non-existent love life, Julia also spends time with her friends at local pubs and restaurants, including an obnoxious frenemy named Leonore.

It isn’t long before Julia hits a moment of serendipity. While sitting on a park bench, Julia meets a homeless man, Ben. At first Julia is a bit disgusted by her new acquaintance. He’s barefoot, stinks and well, yes, is HOMELESS!

But despite all this Julia is drawn to Ben and they begin “dating” – well, whatever you want to call dating when man literally lives in a bush.

Has Julia met her Prince Charming? Or has she met her Prince Alarming?

Not one to reveal too much of the plot of this charming romance because I want it to be a delicious surprise to my faithful readers, I’ll just hope that they trust me and pick up a copy of their own.

One thing How to Fall in Love With a Man Who Lives in a Bush is love doesn’t always move in straight lines. Often is moves in squiggles and resembles a turned over plate of pasta.

While reading this book I wanted to smack both Julia and Ben and I also wanted to cheer them on. But no matter what, these two lovebirds kept me interested. And the ending made me gasp with shock and surprise but it also left me hoping for a sequel.

Most known for her young adult novels, How To Fall In Love With a Man Who Lives in a Bush is Abrahamson’s first novel for adults. I don’t just feel I discovered a talented new writer; I feel like a met a new friend.