Book Report

Ages ago a friend of mine gave me a copy of The Artist’s Way. I perused it, felt too much like homework so I set it aside.

IMG_20181221_154422~2Well, while cleaning up my lady lair I found my copy of The Artist’s Way, a 12 week course on various exercises on how to tap into our creative  souls, the most well-known being “morning pages.”

Sure, this book is still overwhelming but I think a lot of it will help me greatly as I get more into my multitude of creative projects.

Grade B

Book Report

I don’t have to remind my readers on the importance of being beautiful (or hot) is increasingly important in our modern age and and a huge pursuit of women everywhere. And I don’t have to remind anyone our looks can determine our success personally, professionally and romantically. That’s why I was so interested in reading Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal by British professor Heather Widdows. Too bad it fell short of my expectations.


In Perfect Me Widdows explores how our concept of female beauty has become very narrow even in a society that claims to be more diverse, multicultural and inclusive. Not only that,  this beauty ideal is more demanding, costly, and time consuming.

Widdows covers this in several chapters using both academic research and personal interviews.

Though Widdows means well and is an intelligent writer I found Perfect Me to be a bit dull and repetitive. It just didn’t grab me or tell me anything I didn’t already know. Instead of a book, Perfect Me would be better off as an academic research paper.

Grade C

Book Report

Here is a quick book report on Daniel Torday’s novel Boomer1.

IMG_20181211_205509This novel explores the battle between boomers and millennials from the perspective of three people, Mark Brumfeld, his mother Julia, and Mark’s ex Cassie. In the beginning Mark has it all-a great career in media, a stellar education (he’s getting his PhD), a place in a bluegrass band, and Cassie. And then Mark loses it all and moves back in with his parents. Bitter, Mark dons a disguise, calls himself Boomer1 and uploads videos to YouTube solely blaming baby boomers for his lot in life. His videos go viral setting off a revolution and Cassie’s attention. Meanwhile Julia is dealing with her own issues.

Boomer1 seemed so promising, but Torday’s writing is pretentious and moves at a snail’s pace. Mark and Cassie are unlikable. And Julia is just meh.

Grade D