Brag Book


Just checked my email and Neil Pasricha loved my review of his book You Are Awesome.  I am thrilled and I just reached out to him to thank him for his kind words.

I also want to thank my point of contact Kalee Brown and Simon and Schuster for my advanced copy of You Are Awesome.

Brag Book


Wonderful news. Paul Schroeder who wrote the book Practice Makes Purpose sent out a PR related email and it found its way into my email queue. In this email he praised my review of his book:

“Lastly, The Book Self Blog recently posted a review of Practice Makes PURPOSE. I’m grateful to Bookish Jen for her thoughtful review (read an excerpt below). Jen has lots of interesting reviews of other books that readers may find interesting. I encourage you to visit her blog and look around.”

He also provided a link to my blog via this email. How lovely of you, Mr. Schroeder. I can’t thank you enough.