Book Report

Things have been crazy off-line for me and in the past couple of weeks quite a few writers have reached out to me about writing reviews of their books. Needless to say I’m thrilled they’ve found my corner of the Internet and I can’t wait to read and review these books in the new year.

However, there are four books I recently read and thoroughly loved that I’m going to share them in posts that are more PR than actual reviews so I’m going to share these PR pieces through something I call Book Reports. My first book report is for Courtney Maum’s novel Touch.



Sloane Jacobsen is a trend forecaster for the millennial set. One thing Sloane forecasted was the “swipe.”

Hired by the company Mammoth to lead a conference on all things digital Sloane begins to notice a digital backlash. People are embracing the old school world.of living more analog, cherishing actual human contact with friends, family and community.

Will Sloane expose her findings at the conference even if it jeopardizes her career? And just as she’s dealing with this Sloane’s boyfriend Roman’s op-ed in the New York Times throws huge obstacle her way, one that messes with her professionally and romantically.