Brag Book

bragI sent a link of my review of Robert Kelsey’s book The Outside Edge and he loved it. Here is the e-mail he sent me:

Hi Jennifer,

This is an amazing review and I’m really pleased you like the book – thank you so much! Of the four books I’ve written I’ve found this one the strangest in terms of people’s reactions. It’s not resonated with reviewers that well (insiders I assume) and not sold as widely as the others. Yet it’s generated more responses like yours than any of the previous books. Many people have been put off by the premise – and the fact a white, heterosexual, middle-class, male could be an outsider (without seeing that that’s the point – it’s not about vertical divides such as gender/race). Yet those that have found resonance have found a deep affinity with their own (often contradictory and confused) feelings. So we are perhaps a more select group than I realised – although we’re most definitely “select”.  

Thanks again and warmest regards,

ps: quick question – as you ‘re in the States, how did you come across the book? I wasn’t aware of a US release. 

The lovely Mr. Kelsey also provided a link to my review via the book’s Facebook page. Yay, me!!!!