Brag Book

565447-lolcat.gif A few weeks ago I wrote a rave review of Jennifer Morales’ collection of short stories Meet Me Halfway: Milwaukee stories. Well, Ms. Morales was kind enough to leave a sweet comment on my about page.

It turns out Ms. Morales is hosting a virtual author visit sometime next year to discuss her book. Here is her comment with more details:

“Thanks, Jen, for the great review of my book, Meet Me Halfway! I wanted to let your readers know that I’ve just announced that book clubs and other groups that commit to reading Meet Me Halfway in 2016 can get a Virtual Author Visit (e.g., Skype, Google, FaceTime, etc.) from me, so I can answer club members’ questions and discuss themes raised by the book. I just need them to sign up by Jan. 31 at info [at] moraleswrites [dot] com.”