Book Marks

AH book

1. Sequel to Call Me By Your Name to be published this fall.

2. However, there will never be  a sequel to the teen classic The Outsiders.

3. Teaching Jane Austen to sex offenders.

4. All-around bigot and horrible douchebro, Aaron Clarey, hates English majors and English teachers. He also doesn’t know the difference between adjectives and adverbs. Idiot.

5. Prolific author Nora Roberta creates Noraville.

6. What to read before and after surgery.

7. Shrill now a Hulu TV series starring Aidy Bryant.

8. Why Dolly Parton has given millions of books to children.

9. Twenty-two inspiring writers retreats in the US.

10. Candace Bushnell on life after Sex and the City.

Brag Book

What a great way to start my week. Not one, not two, but five books from Milwaukee’s very own 800CEORead. I’m both honored and humbled. I just love how 800CEORead offers all kinds of books, not just obvious business, leadership and management type of books. I can’t wait to write about this cornucopia of riches in my gratitude journal.IMG_20190325_143236

Book Marks

Today is Read Across America Day! Wait, shouldn’t that be everyday?

Guess whose birthday is tomorrow (besides mine)? Yes, you guess. It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday!

Speaking of the late Dr. Seuss, a book of his will be published this fall.

Here is a visual collection of books to read during Women’s History Month.

Twenty books to read this March according to Entertainment Weekly.

Huff Po’s list of books with compelling girl leads.

Michelle Obama’s best selling memoir to become a YouTube series!

Samantha Irby’s list of the funniest books ever.

Some interesting post Oscar telecast reading.

Author E.J. Wenstrom’s advice on how to not go crazy while building your on-line platform.