Off the Books

Been designing a lot of jewelry including these necklaces.




Writer’s Block

Yes, I must acknowledge for my lack of substantial posts in the last few days of summer. I admit my mind has been elsewhere as I deal with other issues in my offline life. This hasn’t been the kindest of summers but I’m doing my best to keep on keeping on.

However,  I’m not a complete washout so look for a couple of book reviews, a possible publicity piece, and some links to juicy book related news you can use in the upcoming weeks.

Writer’s Block

In sad news, stand up comic and frequent Johnny Carson guest, Kip Addotta, is dead at 75. It was an honor to interview him last year.

In good news, Stephanie Land’s memoir Maid, which I reviewed several weeks ago, is one of President Obama’s picks of the summer!



Writer’s Block

A couple of months ago I applied for a job that totally had my name on it (and then some). Just found out I lost out the position to someone who doesn’t nearly have the education, talent, skills, and expertise I have. I keep telling myself it’s the company’s loss, but right now I’m feeling a mixture of anger and sadness.