To call Lee Hudspeth a renaissance man is an understatement. He is an accomplished writer, musician, publisher, tech guru, and so much more. Now Hudspeth can add poet to his list of accomplishments with his first book of poetry Incandescent Visions.

I have to admit I used to be hesitant about poetry. Perhaps because it’s not a writing genre I’m used to. I usually read novels, short stories, and works of non-fiction. But poetry is something I’m more drawn to these days, which is why I’m happy to review Hudspeth’s work.

Hudspeth is a man very curious about creativity and how it inspires himself and others. And he is someone who finds creativity in all that surrounds him, which is reflected in Incandescent Visions.

Incandescent Visions is divided into several distinct chapters reflecting upon the human condition seen from Hudspeth’s individualistic mindset.

In the first chapter called “Dear Reader, Hello,” Hudspeth introduces himself and welcomes us to his world of travel.

In chapter two, “Reflections,” Hudspeth muses about the different experiences we go through as we traverse from childhood to being an adult (and all the thorny ages in between).

In the third chapter called “It’s Getting Dark in Here,” Hudspeth’s poetry reflects on our agonizing days of fear and uncertainty. Though very personal, these poems pierce the heart with their timeliness.

Chapter four is about “Motion.” The poems focus on how we move in the world going in different directions and the landscapes we observe.

In the fifth chapter Hudspeth encourages us to have a “Celebration.” We must look for the good things in life that elevate our spirits.

Incandescent Visions ends in an afterward in which Hudspeth provides more details on what inspired him to write these poems.

I found Hudspeth’s poetry to be nostalgic and heartfelt. They show depth without being pretentious. His writing voice is very visual whether he writes an ode to his late mother or says farewell to Italy. I enjoyed both his free verse and haikus. But it was the last stanza in the poem “Where Before There Were Incandescent Visions” that truly lifted my spirits.

“Tear it all down/Undo the damage done/Restart the core/Rekindle the light and heat/That is you”

The perfect words in an imperfect time.


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