It’s no secret a new year is a time of resolutions. As we embark on not just a new year but a new decade I want 2020 to be a time of renewal.

One act of renewal I want to do in 2020 is find a new job. And that’s where all of you come in.

If any of you can offer any job searching tips and/or opportunities I’d greatly appreciate it.

You know me primarily as an internationally recognized book critic, publicist, and interviewer. But my writing experience includesj journalism, copywriting, and tech writing.

I’ve written about arts and culture, activism, entrepreneurship, science and technology, green issues, religion, community events, religion, health and wellness, fashion, crafting, and education.

I’ve also worked as an editor-in-chief, contributing editor, researcher, and marketer.

Beyond the world of words I have managed employees, taught and tutored both adults and children, and worked in customer service/retail.

I have advised and counseled adults with mental health issues. I also design jewelry and fashion accessories.

I am open to working for either for profit and non-profit organizations in the greater Milwaukee area.

Any advice? Please leave me a comment or email me at

Thank you in advance.

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