IMG_20190912_101158Tales From the Yoga Studio is a novel about five women who practice at Los Angeles based yoga studio called Edendale Yoga. The students include Katherine the resident massage therapist, dancer Graciela bracing for her big breaker with an A-list singer, Imani, a movie star who is also a Hollywood rarity-happily married and Stephanie who works behind the scenes as a screenwriter and development girl.

Rounding out these yogis is Lee, their beloved instructer who is dealing with money and marriage woes.

Unlike most yoga studios in LA Edendale where practitioners eschew Lululemon yoga pants for less pricey yoga pants from Target.

Lee is the reason why so many people take classes at Edendale. Not only is she a talented instructer, she’s also kind and compassionate to her students.

Just shy of 300 pages, Tales From the Yoga Studio started out promising. I loved the true blue screenfriendship among the five women and how they bonded at Edendale. I also liked how Mitchell described the classes, which will ring true to any seasoned yogi and will certainly be an education to someone unschooled when it comes to yoga.

But it wasn’t long before Tales From the Yoga Studio becomes another example of clichéd chick of barely kept secrets, love gone wrong, drug addiction, celebrity culture and so on. This novel needed more ohm and less ho-hum.

Much of this is due to Mitchell’s writing style. Tales From the Yoga Studio seems more like a rough draft than a fully executed novel. Did Mitchell get bored halfway through this book? Corpse pose is more lively than Tales From the Yoga Studio.

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