So sorry for my absence. I’ve been battling the head cold from hell for a couple of weeks and for a few days I could barely get off the couch, let alone write a coherent book review or even post a graphic and novel image, meme or gif. After days of hot tea, orange juice and chicken soup made by moi (not to mention lots of naps), I finally feel a bit more like myself. So it’s back to reading and before long I will post some book reviews. I just finished two terrific books (one fiction, the other non-fiction) and hope to get these reviews up shortly. And this morning I started reading Ariel Gore’s latest literary effort We Were Witches, which grabbed me the moment I read the first sentence. This should not surprise me. Ariel Gore’s book Atlas of the Human Heart is one of my favorite memoirs. It sure kicks Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s whiny tome Eat, Pray, Love.

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