Julian Lennon writes children’s book on the importance of saving the environment. He’s also considering writing his memoir.

Seven books that deserve sequels.

S.E. Hinton muses on The Outsider’s 50th anniversary.

Amanda Palmer reads feminist poem about the importance of science (and written by her hubby Neil Gaiman).

Sadly, we have lost two talented writers in the past week —Robert Pirsig and Benjamin J. Barber.

Syrian refugee Bana al Abed writing memoir at seven-years-old

In modern Orwellian times, W.H. Auden is very relevant.

Singer/Songwriter Natalie Merchant to release 10 CD box of poems in June.

No, this is not from the Onion. The ultimate rude man, Bill O’Reilly, is set to publish a book on manners for children.

This website is a good source for those of you who want to write for film and TV.