Books about amazing women who dare to #persist

Protesters send books to the Non-Reader-in-Chief

Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie debuts her children’s book “Princesses Wear Pants.” Yes, Princesses can be strong, which the lovely Rosie Blythe proved in her book, “The Princess Guide to Life.”

Emmet Till book inspires cousins to re-open his case more than 60 years after his brutal murder.

AWP (Association of Writers & Publishers) 2017 conference focuses on politics while AWP writers take it to the streets.

Twelve-year-old diversity activist, Marley Dias, gets book deal. Go Marley!!!

Urueña, Spain has 200 residents and 12 book stores.

CBS Sunday Morning’s segment on the popularity of romance novels.

The popularity of fan fiction, more than just a hobby for some.

Fan fiction is a feminist issue.