heart-safety-pinMy lovely readers, this has not been a good week for me, and my heart is heavy with sorrow. Needless to say, I’m not happy with the election results, which has lead me to eat my feelings, cope with my morbid depression, have several sleepless nights, and put off various tasks and responsibilities.

However, I need to get over my grief and get back to work. I should have a book review up next week. I’m also working out other writing muscles and writing a bit of fiction. Considering my life writing non-fiction working as a copywriter, journalist and tech writer (not to mention this blog) fiction is sort of a brand new world for me. I haven’t written any fiction in ten years so I’m a bit rusty. Thank goodness, I have some fiction friends who are giving me some wise counsel. I just sent them a copy of my first chapter.

What else? Well, Xmas is almost here so I got to get cracking with crafting, shopping, baking and the like. That will keep me pretty busy for a month and a half so please forgive me if my dedication to this blog is a bit scant.

Thanks for all of the support.