reader-and-proudOnce again, we’re in the thick of autumn, and Bookish Jen is busier than ever. I’m back to teaching RE at my church and our film series started earlier this month. I’m on the film selection committee and I also write all the marketing materials.

What else? Well, the Xmas holiday will be here soon so I’m going to be busy making everything from baked goods to jewelry to bath and beauty products. A local charity is hosting a craft fair and I want to donate some handmade beaded earrings. I already made a couple of pairs that are quite lovely.

And of course, there is this blog. I just finished reading a terrific memoir by a very talented British writer, and my review should be posted sometime next week. I’m also taking another one for a team and a book by a couple of conservative female pundits should be up before election day. I also have a couple of novels I want to read and review.

As for the dash of brag book? Well, this month marks my third year of blogging at The Book Self. It’s been a thrilling ride. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and follows me. I also have to thank the publishers and authors who have sent me books to read and review, and my guest reviewers who have shared their thoughts on the books they read. I also want to thank Milwaukee’s library system and to book stores, both indie and larger outlets, for all the great reads. I can’t make it without any of you!!!!