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Human shit stain, Ted Nugent, says something horrible about Minnesota mall stabbing victims.

Find out what separates a good writer from a bad writer.

I really liked Thomas Frank’s book What’s the Matter With Kansas? So I definitely want to read his latest book, Listen, Liberal.

Mayim “She’ll Always Be Blossom to Me” Bialik is slated to write a self-help book for girls.

It is “Banned Books Week.” Time magazine questions examines what banned books say about our culture and what we fear.

Reading favorites that feature animals as the main character.

How one woman is using the power of books to change the lives of troubled youth.

Writers and the struggles with cultural appropriation.

Avid Goldberg’s memoir Avid Reader examines the golden age of publishing.

UK’s The Guardian claims navel-gazing and self-absorption is not feminism. AKA “Bring Me the Head of Lena Dunham.