Peggy struttingI sent a link of my review of Robert Reich’s Saving Capitalism, and quickly received this response from Mr. Reich:

Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer.

Robert Reich

Needless to say, I’m quite thrilled and can’t help feeling a wee bit smug.

Also, Alexis Bloomer, Fox News wannabe and Internet-famous for her “Elders, I’m Sorry” cri de cœur has banned me from leaving comments at her social media. She also scrubbed my existing measured and well-mannered comments from her feeds.

And Janet Bloomfield (née Andrea Hardie) self-described beauty of the ever-charming blog Judgy Bitch has also blocked me from leaving comments at her blog.

Oh ladies, if you can dish it out, you got to learn to take it. If you can take the Internet heat, get out of the kitchen. Oh, wait a minute. Janet/Andrea never gets out of her kitchen where she posts hateful screeds against women (especially those who identify as feminists), Muslims, people of color, the list goes on.