$T2eC16R,!)!E9s2fCG0GBRZ91IfK3!~~60_35Ah, yes, every readers’ shame, the dreaded unread pile.

Does reading sexy books make one a sexist? Let’s find out.

Books you might want to read this summer. 

If you are going to write essays please refrain from writing essays that are like Amanda Lauren’s. Please, I beg of you. And after taking a gander at Ms. Lauren’s website, I will never forgive Carrie Bradshaw for convincing millennial women that being a writer is all about designer shoes, fancy cocktails, brunch with the girls and finding your own Mr. Big.

To cleanse the palate here is the cover of Interview magazine featuring the last interview with the irreplaceable David Bowie.

How Emily Dickinson’s family garden inspired her writing.

Interesting in running your own bookshop? Look to The Book Shop Blog for some advice.

Fifteen sites for fan fiction writers.

Dedicated to the lovely CoBalt Stargazer—How to conquer the dreaded writer’s block.

Dedicated to the lovely Nora Talltree—Books that uncover the diversity that is Asian-Pacific heritage.