lets read book markBookstores are not dead! Long live bookstores!

One of the reasons why bookstore sales are up? It’s the ladies!

Jesmyn Ward’s lovely tribute to the late Harper Lee.

My gay baby daddy, Anderson Cooper set to release both a memoir and documentary about his fabulous mother Gloria Vanderbilt. I, for one, am counting the seconds.

Racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, classist, homophobic bigot Laura Wood of the blog Thinking Housewife wants people to donate money to her so she can keep writing her hateful screeds at her blog. Bitch, get a job.

My literary roller derby name? Holly Gofightly.

As Black History Month comes to a close, let’s all celebrate bell hooks.

Going on a writer’s retreat? Here are some tips on how to handle it.

Bare Lit Festival, which celebrates minority writers, will make its debut in London.

Very cool news for Girls Write Now. Congratulations!