kitty book

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post for my Writer’s Block theme so I thought I should give all of my readers an update on what is going on with my life.

First, I have written over 200 posts for this blog. Here is to 200 more!!!

What else? Well, I have fun plans for the extended holiday week-end. I’m spending Thanksgiving with some friends and all I have to do is bring a bottle of wine and an appetite. Yay! And though I usually eschew Black Friday like I eschew reading anything by EL James, I am going to pop off to one of my favorite shops because everything is going to be 50% off that day.

On Saturday, a friend and I are going to the Urban Garage Sale at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall venue. Urban Garage is a rummage sale/craft fair hybrid, and two of my friends are selling their wares. They are very talented artisans and I hope they sell lots of their pretty bling.

On Sunday, I’m going to take it easy, read a bit and do some early in the week cooking.

And yes, this blog is not far from my heart, mind and soul. Look for two reviews next week, one for a novel and one for a memoir. And I just started reading Robert Reich’s latest Saving Capitalism so look for a review of that book in a couple of weeks.

Well, that’s a quick update. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!