As many of you probably know, Dave Goldberg, husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, died quite suddenly in Mexico while working out on a treadmill. His death is a tragedy and I’m sure his family is deeply grieving. I can’t imagine what Ms. Sandberg, who also authored the hugely successful book “Lean-In” is going through. She, and her family, have nothing but my compassion and warm thoughts.

That been said, I am infuriated by so-called Career Guru, Homeschooling Expert, and Mommy Blogger, Penelope Trunk had to say about the this horrible news. In fact, I am filled with rage. After you read her remarks you will understand why:

Penelope Trunk Accuses Dave Goldberg of Committing Suicide

The lack of kindness, empathy, thoughtfulness, wisdom and compassion Trunk displays towards Mr. Goldberg and his wife, Sheryl Sandberg offends me to my very core. Trunk is so purely evil “Criminal Minds” could base an unsub on her.

I will probably have more on this once I calm down and can collect my thoughts. I know quite a bit on Trunk and how she influences people in a truly despicable way.