$T2eC16R,!)!E9s2fCG0GBRZ91IfK3!~~60_35Happy Saturday, my fellow book loving nerds. It’s nearly the end of April and cold and rainy/damp outside. I suppose I should do some chores around the house. But why do a load of laundry or wash the dishes when I can type up a blog post and later curl up with a fun book?

Did I mention book? Of course, I did. A lovely reader based in the UK sent me a copy of her book. So far, it’s a delight, and a ray of sunshine during the cruel month of April. I hope to have my review up by next week.

I’ve been busy once again in my off-line life. Last week I had to train a couple of my co-workers on some new procedures and I’m awaiting some major news on a big project that might come up during the summer. We shall see….

What else? My mom, a fellow book fan, just had a birthday. We’re getting together to celebrate, first by meeting up at a local Barnes and Noble, and later a celebratory birthday dinner.

April has also kept me busy with Earth Day activities, church, another friend’s birthday, social outings with my fellow nerd friends. But I also have a list of books to read and review so look for those posts shortly. I’m also up for some time off so I’m going to concentrate on my new Twitter feed a wee bit though I certainly realize maintaining a quality blog is of more importance than social media.

Thanks, and have a great week-end!