untitledBecause my readers are very astute they know today is my birthday. I usually don’t like having my birthday on Mondays (or Mondays in general), but I’m feeling really joyous today. I had a brilliant week-end celebrating my special day with some out-of-town friends (I got books for my birthday-no wonder I’m grinning ear to ear), and can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with other loved ones as March marches along.

But so sorry about not updating this blog. As John Lennon once sang, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I’m working on an outline for a review that should be up by the end of the week (yes, famous last words of Bookish Jen), and I have more books to dive into. Thanks for your patience.

And because it’s my birthday I’m going to take Donna and Tom’s advice. After a crazy week-end I’m going to just chill at home (it is Monday) with some Chinese take-out and a marathon of “Criminal Minds” episodes on the ION network.