meaningful-happy-new-year-wishes-messages-1Hello Readers and Happy New Year! I’d be remiss if I didn’t explain my absence from this blog. Once again the holiday season kept me very busy. I worked some overtime at the office due to some late year craziness and preparing for Christmas kept me out of the blogging loop.

However, a spanking new year is a time to refresh and regroup and that means new postings at The Book Self. I just finished a very interesting and eye-opening book, which is begging a good review. I’m going to start that review shortly and hopefully have my review up by next week.

I also have other books I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing on my list, and I’m constantly on the prowl to find new books and authors. I’m also thinking of other ideas on how to keep this blog exciting and fun to read. Look for further developments as 2015 proceeds.

Well, that’s about all for now. Once again, Happy New Year!!!