big bookslSome grammar mistakes are okay to make, so chill!

Netflix is has optioned the Lemony Snicket books for its TV show streaming series.

Thirteen places to put you in the mood for reading (yea, like most of us have to be put in the mood for reading).

If I had a daughter, I’d hope she’d be cool as Tavi Gevinson. And I really like her term “Feminist-Creative.”

Could we possibly have the chance to read a “new” book by the late John Steinbeck ? We just might!

As a child I was besotted with the “Little House” books, but as an adult, I learned the books were not all they seemed. Now the true story of Laura Ingalls and her family has been released.

Just wrote a book? Ask yourself these three questions before you write a book proposal.

Erotic books that don’t suck like Fifty Shades of Grey.

Hmm, as if I don’t have enough books to read. Wait. I could never have enough books to read.

Can you take another link about Amy Poehler? Well, you’re going to have to. Fifteen awesome quotes from Amy’s book Yes, Please.