cropped-reading_is_coolJust what we’re all waiting for, a coffee table book of Kim Kardashian’s selfies.

To cleanse the palate, how the late Robin Williams’ movie “Dead Poets Society” inspired a generation.

Ten YA Novels that would make great movies (and why it won’t happen). Actually, Hanging Out With Cici by Francine Pascal was made into an ABC Afternoon Special called “My Mom Was Never a Kid.” I remember watching it. And now I just might re-read Hanging Out With Cici for a retro review.

LifeWay, a large Christian book retailer pulls books Pastor Mark Driscoll’s from its shelves. Wow, this Pastor Driscoll sounds like a real gem (yes, that was sarcasm). And is just me, or does he have a totally punchable face? You just know he has a drawer full of Ed Hardy t-shirts.

Ten people libraries truly need.