It’s August, already! This summer has flown by!

I had a busy week-end. I went to my first farmers’ market of the year, which is rather late for me. I usually start going in July. I bought some great produce, and tried some samplings of other wares. I tasted the best peach salsa. I’m definitely going to buy this stuff the next time I go to the farmers’ market

And yesterday I joined my parents for an afternoon of culture. We went to see “The Phantom of the Opera.” It was fabulous and we had prime seating!

However, I do have plans for this blog. I just read two books that are begging for a couple of reviews. I’ll probably start one of them shortly. And I’m looking for some interesting light-hearted chick lit to cap off the summer. I’ll probably stop off at the library sometime this week and take a look at the stacks.

I want to do a retro reel for “Of Mice and Men” but I’m not sure which movie version I want to watch. And a friend loaned me a memoir that might make a good book review.

 I’ll keep all of you posted.