read this summer logo_1Summer is usually a pretty busy time for me, and the summer of 2014 is no different. I had a low-key 4th of July, but a couple of friends from out of town visited me on Sunday, and we had a lot of fun. I had dinner with some friends from church this past Monday. And a couple of friends of mine are having a BBS/potluck this Saturday. And yes, I’m bringing my sugar mint cookies.

However, I am working on some book reviews. Two are for novels, one a historical romance and the other a YA novel set in the 1980s. And I’m also working on a review for a non-fiction book that is so odious it is just begging for the “I Read It So You Don’t Have To” treatment.

And of course, I’m always on the prowl for other books to read and review. In fact, I set up a notepad on my smart phone that has a huge list of books that I want to read. That will keep me busy.