bookmarkRuth Graham admonishes adults for reading YA books. Sorry, but I find a lot of YA books exceptionally well-written. Perhaps I’ll stop reading YA books when publishers stop giving book deals to the Duck Dynasty guys, any random Real Housewife, the Duggars and has-beens like Alicia Silverstone.

Speaking of Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Grose behooves the industry to stop giving book deals to celeb moms who promote bullshit parenting theories.

YA book The Fault in Our Stores is the most popular movie in America right now. Hmm, I wonder if some of the movie goers were adult. Shame on them, right? And apparently several changes were made once John Green’s YA monster hit made it to the silver screen.

The late great Dr. Maya Angelou as remembered by first lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, President Bill Clinton and other notables.

In the huge war between Hatchette and Amazon, it looks like most people are Team Hatchette. And author David Shafer gives his own very personal take on the whole situation.