howie-makem2Last Saturday, after I posted my review of Ben Hamper’s book, Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line, I decided to email Mr. Hamper with a link to my review. I found Mr. Hamper’s email via his Facebook page. I wasn’t sure if his email was current because it was an AOL email address. Who uses AOL in 2014? Well, apparently Ben Hamper does, and in less than an hour of emailing Mr. Hamper he emailed me back thanking me for my review and my kind words. WOW! I think that is the quickest response I’ve ever gotten from an author. Thank you Ben Hamper for your quick response and your lovely email, and thank you even more for writing such an awesome book!

And thanks to Google Images for helping me find Ben Hamper’s description of Howie Makem. Hmm, for some reason I imagined good old Howie with stripes.