Writer's Block PhotoAargh! I was hoping to have a review up today, but I’m having computer issues and some files on my thumb drive got corrupted including the one I have for this blog. When I write review I tend to start them on a MS Word document and then copy and paste them onto this blog. I don’t always write them directly on this blog. Perhaps that’s weird but that’s how I roll.

So I’m probably going to invest in a new thumb drive shortly and hopefully restore some files when I get a chance (I have some work related stuff that got messed up but thankfully I believe I have hard copies of most of it).

However, I will have some reviews up shortly. I’m working on a retro review, and I’m going to hunt for some other book reviews that I can share on this blog that I wrote a while back and might be worth a read. In fact, I’m going to look for some once I’m done with this post. And I do believe my friend is still interested in doing a guest post it’s just a matter of finding the time to write one. She works crazy hours so that responsibility comes first.

Thanks for all of your patience!

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